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Welcome to Courses by Apture Photography Ltd.

Our interactive photography course is designed for the beginner and amateur in mind.

We have broken the course down into several Modules, Units & Tests.

Each one carefully ordered to help you progress and learn in a structured way.

The course comprises of the following:

Module 1

Introduction To Photography.

Unit 1 Welcome to your course.

Module 2


Unit 1 Equipment.

Module 3

Your Camera And You.

Unit 1 Holding your camera.
Unit 2 Choosing a Mode – The control dial.
Unit 3 File Types.

Module 4

Types Of Photography.

Unit 1 Types of photography

Module 5

Getting To Know Your ISO

Unit 1 ISO

Module 6

Getting To Know Your Aperture.

Unit 1 All About Aperture.
Unit 2 Understanding Depth Of Field.

Module 7

Getting To Know Your Shutter Speed.

Unit 1 All About Shutter Speed.

Module 8

Perfect Exposure.

Unit 1 The Exposure Triangle.
Unit 2 Exposure Bracketing.
Unit 3 Exposure Compensation.
Unit 4 The Histogram.
Unit 5 Metering Modes.
Unit 6 Shooting In RAW

Module 9


Unit 1 Natural Light.
Unit 2 Exposure.
Unit 3 Quality.

Module 10


Unit 1 Rule Of Thirds.
Unit 2 Simplify The Scene.
Unit 3 Fill The Frame.
Unit 4 Aspect Ratio.
Unit 5 Leading Lines.
Unit 6 Break The Rules.

Module 11

Black & White Photography Task 1.

Unit 1 Black & White Photography Task 1.

Module 12

Portrait Photography Task 2.

Unit 1 Portrait Photography Task 2.

Module 13

Landscape Photography Task 3.

Unit 1 Landscape Photography Task 3.

Module 14

Be Creative Task 4.

Unit 1 Be Creative Task 4.

Module 15

Night Photography Task 5.

Unit 1 Night Photography Task 5.

Module 16

Tips & Techniques.

Unit 1 Tips & Techniques.

Module 17

Editing Your Images.

Unit 1 Editing Your Images.

Module 18

Your Final Test !

Unit 1 Your Test.

So do you want to be a better photographer? Learn the basics of photography? Unleash the power of your camera?

Enroll on the course today!! On your course completion and passing the required grades we will issue you a course completion certificate that you can treasure forever!